My little bug


Hazel was sick 2 weeks ago. Truth be told, I was caught off guard because ever since I have started her with essential oils, she wasn’t sick for almost a year. Which also explains why my fridge doesn’t have any paracetamol. Whenever I hear her sneezes more than twice, I will oil her up frequently throughout the day. So far it worked and the bug was gone before it can flare up. This time round, I did the same.

She started with dry cough during the day and running a low grade fever hovering between 36.5-37.9 degrees. I started her with some more “power-up” oils hopefully she can recover faster. The next day, not only did she not recover, her fever shot up to 39.5 degrees with a phlegmy cough. No matter how frequent I applied the oils or sponge her, doesn’t seems to help. We decided to bring her to KKH to see a doctor. The last thing we want is to trigger a seizure. So, we went home with a bottle of paracetamol and cough syrup.

After feeding her medicine, I did not stop the oiling process. I still apply frequently, and sponge her.

We gave her medicine for 2 days, and once the fever is gone, we stopped giving her meds. Still apply oils for her and she recovered in less than a week.

If I hadn’t brought Hazel to go swimming for consecutively six days, I doubt she will be sick.

After this episode, probably to others, they may have already lose faith with essential oils and stopped using them. A very important thing is, we still do get sick even though we are using essential oils. However, recovery rate is faster and more controllable. I feel that the oils are protecting Hazel pretty well. She recovered quite fast if you were to ask me. The doctor was amazed too.

Did I mention during the time Hazel was sick, she is still very active and chatty? 🙂


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