About Young Living Essential Oils

Following a painful and debilitating accident, Gary Young began searching for natural alternatives to traditional medical treatments. After being given some research papers on essential oils that were written by French medical doctors and translated into English, he began his quest for further knowledge about the therapeutic properties of essential oils. Through this research, Gary ventured down a whole new path of healing.

Growing up farming, Gary had great interest in learning how to grow and harvest herbs and plants for the extraction of oils. He developed a proprietary design and technique of distillation for his own essential oil production.

The developing farms, his amazing research discoveries from ancient history to present-day science, and the phenomenal results from his clinical trials and studies with oil usage encouraged and promoted the beginning of his lifelong mission: to bring this forgotten knowledge back to the modern world.

With six farms on three continents, seven distilleries on four continents, the many partners in other countries who also grow and distill for Young Living, and our hundreds of thousands of customers around the world, Young Living stands as the world leader in premium essential oils and natural wellness products. Young Living’s exclusive Seed to Seal quality-control process guarantees that each bottle of our essential oil delivers superior quality and purity.

Young Living’s Mission: We honor our stewardship to champion nature’s living energy – essential oils – by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose and abundance.

A History of Stewardship

  • The Essential Oils Desk Reference is based largely on Gary Young’s past and present research.
  • In 1991, Gary performed some of the first clinical research on oils with helichrysum.
  • In 2004, Gary partnered with Brigham Young University researchers Rex Cates and Nicole Stevens, to study the anticancer effects of  pure YLTG™ quality  essential oils, including Young Living’s sandalwood and frankincense.
  • Palo Santo essential oil was the subject of a paper by Gary Young—the first on the subject—published in the Journal of Aromatherapy.
  • Young Living is the first and only company to bring Palo Santo and ruta essential oils to market; Gary first distilled these plants while living and researching in Ecuador.
  • Gary Young’s essential oil blend Thieves® has been the subject of clinical studies on its ability to kill airborne bacteria and black mould.
  • Gary’s research has allowed Young Living to offer more than 75 single oils and 75 oil blends—the largest essential oils line available.



*Information extracted from One Drop & Youngliving.com


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