Bye 2013. Hello 2014.

Wrapping up 2013 isn’t difficult for me.

Hazel spasm was not controlled. This year we have tried various medicine, seen a specialist and results is still the same. We will not lose hope and will keep on searching for the right medicine or treatment for her. Seizures aside, Hazel is pretty well for the whole year except the fever and cough last month. Very thankful to the essential oils, it is really worth the money spent.

She is very active now, crawling to find her taggy blanket, toys, and towards us wanting us to carry her. She is more responsive too, compared to last year, so very very talkative. Mimicking the sounds we make, talking to herself and her taggy, laughing and screaming with excitement which really amuses us. Little improvements made us happy.

Hazel starting school is a big thing this year. We were excited and anxious at the same time. Seeing her so stressed up in school made me stressed up too. She needs a lot of time to adapt. Everything has to take teeny tiny steps for her.

We moved to our new house October this year. It is great to have a place of our own. Ever since Hazel is born, we have been shifting house so often. Finally, we can stop shifting and settle down in this little nest. Alot of things not done up yet, Hazel’s room is still bare, we don’t have cabinets to put our stuff in, kitchen cabinets only half cleaned, no dining table yet, no bed frame yet, but all these can be bought slowly.

First Christmas at our house was great! We had a few parties and it was really nice to be able to invite our friends over for meals. But I won’t be having steamboat for quite awhile. ;P

Hazel was blessed with many presents for Christmas. I hope it was a good 2013 for her.

And I am looking forward to a better 2014 for me and family.

First thing to look forward to in 2014 is we have finally booked our first family trip!!!

PhotoGrid_1388462691634101 expressions girl.


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