About Me

My name is Dowin and I am a full time SAHM.

I had countless jobs over the past 10 over years, but this job as a mother is the most challenging and satisfying job I ever get. I had a bridal make-up certificate, but never had the chance to go into it simply because I’m really bad with hairstyling. I’m not really good with handicraft work, but I’m glad people like the hair clips I made for their kids. Maintaining a small hair clips biz and taking care of my little girl is how I spent my time mostly. It is fulfilling I can say.

My hubby, Lancer

It is ironic to think about it, but we have known each other in Year 2000. We lost contact and only got together in Year 2009. He proposed in Year 2010 and I was surprised that he can planned out such a romantic proposal. Lancer is a man of few words. He is not the type who is good at giving you surprises or being romantic, but he tries his best. We got married in Year 2011 and it was then we started to hang on to each other, for better or for worse. Even though he seems to be those ‘wood wood’ type of guy, he isn’t so ‘wood’ towards his baby girl. He is such a loving father, as I sees them all over his face whenever he carries Hazel or talks to her. Although his attention on me is lesser, *Laughs* but he still very much dotes on me. A great hubby, daddy and lifetime partner.


Hazel Darling

We were blessed with Hazel in August 2011. She came into this world cute, pretty and with a very big temper. She was diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome in November 2011. She had brain injuries and her blood vessels in her eyes were burst. Social workers and Police were involved but we could not charge the Nanny as we have no evidence. Hazel was in ICU for almost 2 weeks, and finally discharged in December 2011. She was diagnosed with West Syndrome (Infantile spasm) in January 2012. Hazel was being put on steriods for nearly six months. After weaning her off from steriods, her appetite dropped. Refused to eat solids, refused bottle and now we are feeding her via syringe. It has been long since I hear her crying of hunger. She doesn’t feel it so we have to be the clock and feed her timely. She has sensory issues hence the rejection of spoon and cup. Her spasm came back again one month later after we stopped her steriods. To date, she is still having spasm. Neurologist can’t see any indication of the spasm as the EEG report looks normal, so he can’t really advise the right treatment for her. Her vision is not good, which is prolly due to the spasm. Everything is okay from her recent eye checkup. She is not creeping, not crawling and not walking yet. She managed to learn how to sit up on her own, and will now come towards us wanting to be carried. Hazel is very active, cheerful, playful and naughty now. Despite her progression is slow, we will always be her cheerleaders cheering for her.hazel


One thought on “About Me

  1. 您好,李女士。蔽人巧好的也姓李。请恕我冒昧的给您个回复。。。我无意中看到了你的部落格,感触很深。我的四岁的儿子,也是个特别儿童。他患有血友症(haemophilia B),还有整体发育迟缓,照顾他,就像您所说的一样,劳心劳力,精疲力竭,还真不够形容其万分之一。。。。。我还看到了您有参加杜曼博士的讲座,这就是我回复您的重点,那真是您的明智之举! 我虽没参加杜博士的讲座,却有幸认识了他的一位早期的学生,蒙他的教诲与鼓励,我选购了所谓的‘山栽’版的字卡(原装的有多贵。您应该知道吧。)近两年多后,我儿子已经整体有了相当的进步,今年开年也被附近的PAP录取了!现在能说能唱,发表意见,还会顶嘴!反观两三年前,就只坐在那儿,傻傻呆呆的,真是天渊之别! 我想说的是,您走的方向是对的,您对孩子的爱更是不可思议!路当然是难走,可看到孩子漂亮的脸孔,闪烁的眼睛!什么都值回了!你们还有回kk复诊吗?有看过neurologist的Dr papa Lim 吗?我们每星期都要去kk一次。可能还跟你们擦肩而过呢。。新年要到了,先预祝你们,身体安康,事事顺意!。。。

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