Random Updates

It has been almost quite difficult to use computer with Hazel around now. The moment I sat down in front of the computer, she will crawl towards me, pull my hair to support herself to stand up, trying to climb up my body, or hugged me so tight that she nearly strangled me. Can’t say I am bothered about this, at times I do find her funny whenever I looked at her face and she looked back at me with a serious look, then starts to talk to me in her baby language. Always makes me laugh without fail.

When Daddy is back, she talks alot with him too. None of us understand what she is saying but it is a joy to see her so talkative, so happy and so responsive.

Her swimming package is ending next week. How time flies! Brought her to swim for almost a year!

Since it is ending, I made the extra effort to bring her everyday for swimming this whole week. Yes, I am a lazy mom. Even more lazy after shifting house . Heh

She enjoys every swimming session and it really brings a lift up in her mood. She is always very happy after the swimming session. Looking at her in the tub, I can’t believe how much Hazel has grown. She is graduating from this swimming spa to public pool. I wish time will just go slower and she can always be my little baby girl.

Few updates about Hazel:

We have finally weaned off one of her medicine, from 4 medication now dropped to 3.
Spasm more or less the same, not fully controlled.
Her appetite is okay, introduced egg yolk and egg tofu into her diet and seems like she is accepting well.
Still not showing signs of walking as her feet position needs improvement.
Able to crawl a longer distance now.
Very talkative and attention seeking.

Looking forward to hold her little hand soon and take a stroll at the park.




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