The 5th Year

Every passing year wasn’t easy, but we still made it with a thankful heart. This year, we are very very thankful that we have seen so much improvements on Hazel. No matter how small, it is very significant for us.

Hazel is (still) on 3 medications. Blood test has shown a slight abnormality in her liver. We are monitoring closely with the neurology team, and also I have been applying Juvacleanse on her liver as well. I couldn’t just stop her medication, and really, other than chanting for the best, there is really nothing much I could do. I often get so frustrated at such things that is beyond my control. I wished I could do more for her, but certain things are just out of my reach.

Anyway, on a happier note, Hazel has been more responsive and cooperative in school now. She loves to hum along with the music, and her favorite song now I believe is the goodbye song that the teacher sings with the children when class ended. It means she can go home! She started to munch biscuits, teeny tiny bit but good start. She still gives that disgusted look when she accidentally bite a chunk out of the biscuit and landed in her mouth, but all of us were clapping and praising her. She must be thinking why there’s this bunch of weirdos cheering at her when she hates the food. She gets all excited when she hear we pull her baby chair to the dining table. She responds to words like porridge, milk milk, go room and sleep and bao bao (carry). Hazel looks at us when we are talking to her, sometimes she will smile, sometimes she chuckles, and I think she does understands. Oh, and she walks more and is more steady in her steps! Although most of the time, she just gets lazy and simply refused to even stand on the floor. We are simply over the moon on her many small achievements.

Yesterday was her 5th birthday. We celebrated a day early as her daddy needs to work on national day eve and national day itself. But really, might as well say that we are celebrating for ourselves. Every year, I put in some thought about which cake design I should get for her. Many people might find that I am wasting too much money on a cake. Yes, all her cakes cost $100+, considering that the birthday girl herself isn’t eating the cake, and it is just a small family celebration, yup it is indeed costly. All I am going for is just a photo. In the hope that in future, when she can understand, I can show her pictures of the cakes I have got for her on her birthdays, birthdays that she had missed and no memories of.

I envy children who can celebrate their birthday in school, with their friends and classmates. Not saying that CPAS doesn’t allow, but really, what is the point when Hazel doesn’t enjoy and understand the whole process? This year, I wanted to throw a party for her at a chalet. Hubby was saying why do we need to throw a party when Hazel has no friends? How true. So this year, it is a small celebration with family, after taking pictures of the birthday girl and the cake, Hazel is back to her comfort area (the sofa) to play her toys and the adults ate the cake.

I hope the time  will come soon that Hazel will really enjoy and be involved in her birthday celebration. I am waiting for the day that when she sees the cake I get for her, her eyes will glow with excitement, and her face filled with a wide smile. That will truly be a Happy Birthday. 🙂


Ordered her cake from Bakers Heart again this year. One thing I like about Bakers Heart is that their cake can be a cream cake with design instead of fondant. Very impressed with their effort and work. Customer service is excellent. Fell in love with the cake instantly when I lift up the lid of the box. This year theme is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, one of Hazel’s favorite song, and if you watched the Super Simple Song, these are the 2 main characters in it. Very very nicely done by Bakers Heart. Thank you so much.


A decent family picture with all of us looking at the lens is never easily taken with Hazel. But I do love the candid shot of her smiling ever sweetly at her daddy.


Simply refused to look in front LOL.


Just us, lazing on the sofa.

So, with the launch of Pokemon Go, I thought I wasn’t one to be going after the craze. I was so wrong. Next thing I know, Im addicted to it, and keep finding chances to get out of the house. Duh.


So, on her birthday morning, I brought Hazel to the park trying to catch some pokemons. Haha. She will be visiting the park with me very often now.

I’m so ecstatic that my estate has 8 swings built! It is usually occupied but happy enough that there are finally some swings around my area! Looking forward to bring her play swing more often!

On a side note, I am logging in Facebook lesser, and also didn’t post much about Hazel in Facebook now. If you are still following updates about Hazel, find me on instagram if you have one. 🙂


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