My Birth Day!

Yea, so I am trying to write this post before the strike of twelve, when it is still my birthday that is. Sounds so childish. LOL

Anyway, so many updates that I want to share!

Last saturday, Hubby bought me a Swensen’s ice cream cake! Had a small celebration at my mom’s. Just look at how excited Hazel is over the candle. Seems like her birthday!! lol



Today, Hubby took leave to accompany me! *Touched*
After we dropped Hazel in school, we went to chill in a cafe.


My birthday waffle 🙂


Pak-tor-ing while Hazel in school.

Back to school to fetch Hazel, and the teacher showed me what Hazel has done during school today. Oh my, my heart is swelling with pride and happiness. This is the first work I have seen from Hazel done in school! Back in AWWA, she wasnt cooperating at all, we can hardly made her do anything. But today, I saw her improvements! Best present!


And of course I have to end the day with a picture taken with my warrior.



Best pictures taken cuz I dont have a very good photographer. Just have to make do with it. But he did capture some nice shots of Hazel. Good enough. 🙂

Some updates about Hazel:

Hazel has started school again in March at CPAS! Although she still fuss and cries, at least she’s awake for that 2 hours!

She has started on porridge! And is loving it! All of the sudden she loses interest in her milk. Which is not a bad thing really. 🙂 We are still using syringe to feed her, and hopefully the next step is to be able to feed her using spoon.

I am hopeful about her seizures condition, as I hardly see much of it now. I am not sure whether is it too subtle till I can’t catch it, or it is really gone for good, or her brain is still having seizures, but we choose to believe it is gone for good. Staying positive!




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