Roller Coaster



During this 2 months, I saw Hazel’s behavior and emotions with a 360 degree change and for us, a real roller coaster ride with her.

From early Jan, with the spike in seizures and the starting dose of steriods, she had gotten less active, and uncomfortable. Not a smile on her face.

Hospitalized for 4 days, went home in a super drowsy state. She doesn’t play, doesn’t make any sound, just sleep and sleep and sleep.

Early Feb, she started to get better, less drowsy and more playful. She keeps laughing and smiling at the slightest thing. No crying at all. Even when we brush her teeth.

Gradually, she started to scream in her super high pitch voice (probably she is very fascinated by it), throughout the day and started to sing along with the children’s songs. And she sleeps at wee hours.

Current state, she does not laugh or smile that easily like before, still screaming, still singing, and more crying. Still playful, and talks in her baby language more.

She also started her food fussing. Refused to cooperate during feeding time. Earlier on was the worst, she cried non stop, refused to drink her milk and we had to pour it away with the medicine in it.

Have no idea what is wrong or where she is not feeling well. Oil her, and put her to bed, thinking she might be too tired. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.



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