Day 10

10th day into steriods, Hazel isn’t reacting very well to it.

We increased her dosage on Tues as per Doc’s instruction. Her stomach started to bloat, stretched until her skin is so tight I could see the veins, and when I tap her tummy, is just like tapping on a drum, its all gas. She is so uncomfy. She can’t nap well, she will sleep for awhile and wake up, sleep and wake, for the whole afternoon. She will suddenly cry for no reason, no matter what position I tried to carry her, she will struggle. She will sit, or lie down, or lie down on her tummy. She just keeps changing position, trying to find one that makes her comfortable.


Really pains me to see her like that and I started crying again.

Crying doesn’t solve anything. But the tears just flow.

Religiously applying Digize and peppermint oil on her tummy, made Fennel tea to rid the wind. Massage her, pat her back, anything that will make her feel better.

She doesn’t smile nowadays. I really miss her smiles, her laughter, her chatters. Her seizures isnt getting any lesser as well. Probably the only good thing is I have not seen any spasm on the 2nd day since we started steriods. She has recovered from her cough and flu as well.


The one thing I love hearing now is her fart. The more she fart, might just means she will feel less bloated and more comfortable.

Can’t wait for the time to pass faster. Every minute now is just like an hour. Every hour is just like a day.

Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Fight on. Both of us.





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