Happy New Year

Counting down at home (not exactly), watching TV, and oiling the sick baby.

Day 3 into Steriods and her immunity plunge down. Having a runny nose and cough, very cranky and easily agitated.

A very sweet friend never forget that I love her Shepard’s Pie, and she made one for me and gives 2015 a sweet closure.

2016, a brand new year, more challenges coming, but am still looking forward to much more improvements and milestones from Hazel. Most importantly, I hope she will be seizures free.

2015, be it mistakes, regrets or unhappiness, it’s all in the past. Of course we have loads of happy moments with Hazel.

I look forward to 2016 with an optimistic heart, hope to be a better person, have the wisdom to overcome whatever obstacles that may come.

And Be Happy.



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