4 weeks of Steriods Battle

Day 1

Officially started Prednisolone today for Hazel. Its going to be a 4 weeks course. As much as I hate it, I have to endure the pain. Praying, hoping and chanting hard that after this 4 weeks, her seizures can really be controlled.

Making her happy and comfortable as much as I can, as I know the high dosage of steriods will churn her stomach, causing bloatedness. Oiling her as often as I can, not only does the aroma calms her down, it helps to clear her airways, and soothe the tummy.

She’s going to get grouchy, sleepy, drowsy, and i’m going to miss her smiles and activeness for a month. I hope that after this course, she will still remember how to walk, take steps, play & smile, and all the dangerous stunts she has been giving us.

Reason to give steriods one more shot is because Hazel has tried almost all the meds she can try. And her spasm and fits are still not controlled. Every attack breaks my heart.

Keeping my fingers crossed.



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