The Silly Mom


I am such a silly mom I realized.

I was actually rejoicing over Hazel’s sweat.

Perspiring seems to be a natural thing for almost everyone. Not for Hazel though. She has not sweat out for years until recently.

One of the medicine she was taking causes this side effect. So during that period of time, I was constantly watching out her body temp. We had weaned off the medicine for quite afew months, but I heard that it take a year or so before the body actually starts to perspire.

Til last week, i was giving her a kiss on her forehead before her nap as usual, when i smell sweat and felt the dampness on her forehead.

I was so happy. Really couldn’t describe that feeling, but i was so so so excited over that sweat.

I cant stop smiling, and I started to laugh at myself.

I guess this journey of mine with Hazel gave me a very important lesson for this lifetime.

Find happiness in the smallest thing.

Never take things for granted.

Be contented.


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