Ever since Hazel has to consume medications on a daily basis, it has become my responsibility not to add any more harmful drugs to her body. I mean, how much can her small body handle?

I remember that it hurts me so much having to rush her to KKH due to fever, or rushed to PD because of her cough or flu or even constipation. On top of her daily seizures meds, I have to add on those cough syrup, flu syrup, fever syrup or what have you. I really couldn’t bear that such a small baby has to take in so much drugs. I am worried. Worried for her liver, her kidney and all the organs!

And frankly, I have long forgotten all those drug names!

Still, Hazel has to do blood test regularly to check on her liver.

I have also forgotten when was our last visit to a PD. My fridge doesn’t have any ‘stock’ of medication, my cabinets have none too. I am proud to say my home is not a pharmacy. ZERO harmful drugs (well except the seizures meds that we are hoping we can wean her off soon). She is currently from 3 meds dropped down to 2 meds.

Coming to 4 years old this year, I am still very cautious of the drugs or environment she is exposed to.

Please do not be clueless or simply oblivious how harmful those medications can do to our body. They are not sweets that is ok to give our child once in awhile, or even once a month. And you have no idea how a sweet can affect our body as well.

Read up.


Precaution is never too early to take.

I am glad my family has taken the natural therapy path. I hope you had too.


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