One week. One month.

Ever since Hazel was admitted to KKH when she was just 1 year old for tube feeding due to dehydration, she hasn’t get over this trauma till now. We have been working so hard on her feeding but did not see much improvements. I am so afraid that she will fall sick and reject milk again, as milk is the only food she is taking now. I do not want to send her in to KKH for another round of tube feeding, which I will come home with a bigger problem. So, I have been very hardworking on applying eo on her, just to minimize the chance of her getting sick.

We have started on a new med beginning of Aug, and at the same time, her appetite started to drop. She was not as cooperative during feeding time. Took us much longer time to coax and feed her, then she will finish her milk. She has no signs of sickness. No cough, no runny nose, no fever, no vomiting, no diarrhea. I have no idea what is wrong with her. So I went back to the basics, and applied eo at every 20mins interval. Seems to improve for a day or two when she finished her milk without much fussing, and I thought she was recovering.

Last week was the ultimate, where she simply refused to drink any milk. The moment we placed her on the high chair, she cried. We put her on the small stool, and when 1 mouth of milk went into her mouth, she cried and struggle. However, she is willing to drink plain water. So we gave her more water, and force fed her milk, given no choice.

I called up the staff nurse at KKH and she told me to bring Hazel in. She is worried about her nutrition intake, but we already know what they will do to her and we were very reluctant to. I turned to John, which Hazel is currently seeing for healing.
( Find out what he does: Transcendental Connection )

He advised me to do just raindrop therapy once a day.




Diffuse spearmint during mealtimes


Massage her colon area as she did not poo for 1 week plus. I applied Di-gize and massage.

posted - digize

Things started to improve on Monday, where her appetite started to pick up. I actually brought her to a GP on Monday and the doc asked me to KKH. He was unable to prescribe anything to Hazel because she has no signs of sickness, lunges were clear too. But we didn’t bring her to KKH afterall.

And last night she finally poo. Her appetite seems to be back to normal as today is the third day she finished her milk, but we are still monitoring. It has been a rather stressful week and tiring month, mostly due to her appetite. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hopes for the best.



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