Catch up on my life

I looked at the date today and realized Hazel’s birthday is coming. Oh man, she is turning 3 this year! My little baby is growing way too fast.

As she grows older, my anxiety and fears grew stronger. I know I have to take it slow for her development, which is greatly affected by her spasm. But as a Mom, I can’t say I’m not worried at all.

She is still refusing spoon and still not willing to try any other food that is brought near to her mouth. I tried giving her a small piece of yoghurt melts and she gagged. šŸ˜¦

She is able to stand independently for 3 seconds, but most of the times she simply refused to do it. I have no idea how to motivate her as she is not interested with toys, biscuits or sweets. Her understanding level, sad to say, is really very very low. She doesn’t understand lotsa stuff, thus whatever we tried telling her or motivate her, our words are in vain.

I wished I could have done more for her. I really wished I did. Having too much things going on in my life is not a good thing.

Finally she is off Vigabatrin, currently increasing the dosage for Topamax. Not much improvement on her spasm, and probably we may need to add on a new med. Neurologist actually told us that her treatment options are getting limited, as we’ve tried most of the medicine that can be tried. I couldn’t and will not accept this.

I am still positively trying essential oils and will be letting her go under “natural therapy”. First is to go for a consultation first, which is soon! Holding my hopes high!

This year, didn’t plan any Birthday celebration for her, but i feel that every birthday for Hazel is worth celebrating, even if it is just us 3. So yes, I am looking at cakes now! *feeling excited*




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