Hello there!

Whoa~! I’ve been getting so busy and haven’t had the time to update this dear blog of mine. So so so many things are going on right now that 24hrs a day is seriously not enough for me.

The whole of March and April is just so awesome! Busy, yes but am really happy.

For the month of March, I finally hit Silver rank in my Young Living biz. I am so blessed to have an awesome team working alongside with me! And many supportive friends and my family who is helping me to achieve my goal. Without their help and encouragement, I am definitely not able to reach Silver so soon. I love them all!

2014-05-02-00-21-03_decoMy Aroma Complete Set for achieving Silver!


2014-04-25-13-38-32_decoHazel is so attracted to the colorful labels!

We had our very first family trip in April. We went Taiwan and can I just say I love Taipei?! The food there are so delicious and creative, the people are nice and I love their night market!

It wasn’t easy to travel with Hazel. The flight was torturous as the flight attendant insisted us to put the sleeping Hazel on her own seat before taking off. Hazel cried and fussed when we tried to wake her up and let her sit by herself. When she finally calmed down and the plane took off, she dozed off in her seat and woke up crying. I guess she is feeling very uncomfortable having to sleep in a sitting position. So I have to carry her throughout the flight and have to wake her up again when the plane is landing. -.- Not to mention that the plane is so cold!

She did not get a very good rest, and neither did me nor Hubby. Hazel still gets to nap in her stroller but me and hub were like zombies when we reached Taiwan airport.

Throughout the five days in Taiwan, I find Hazel very poor thing and really makes me have second thoughts whether we should go trip with her again in future, or till she knows how to walk independently. Most of the time she was confined in the stroller when we were out sightseeing, shopping or eating. We do carry her as and when but we cant really carry her for long now. We took turns to carry her and eventually she still ended up in the stroller. Hub was very busy throughout the trip too. He had to get up early to prepare her meds, the milk feeds that needed to bring out for the day, and prepare the water that we need for Hazel’s milk. End of the day when we reached hotel, he had to wash up the bottles, boil water then get to rest. He is so sweet that he did everything and let me sleep a tad later in the morning, and night time just let me rest and he did everything. Really pains me to see him so exhausted after this trip. Both of us, for the first time, couldn’t wait to get back to Singapore.

PhotoGrid_1398960397441Day 1

PhotoGrid_1398960593686Day 2

PhotoGrid_1398960799933Day 3

PhotoGrid_1398961027178Day 4

PhotoGrid_1398961149047Day 5

It was a tiring trip, but managed to spend some quality time with my family. And that’s what counts. 🙂


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