Hazel’s Essential Soldiers

Photo 9-3-14 8 58 36 PMThe soldiers that are fighting alongside with Hazel everyday.

Earlier on during dinner, my sis gave a comment, “Hazel is quite strong, seldom see her sick. You have done a good job.”

When I heard what she said, I smiled. And the first thing that came to my mind is my essential oils.

Hazel had started taking medicine when she was just 3 months old and to date, she still is. A 3 months old baby with very high dosages of various seizures medicine, at that point of time, I can’t imagine how much damages the medicine had done to her body. After weaning off one medicine, a new medicine is added on. Even till now when she is turning 3 years old this year, this routine has never changed. All the medicine she is taking or had taken, all has their own side effects. Hazel is not taking them for days, or weeks, we count them in months, or even years for 2-3 kinds of medicine.

Back then, because she was so traumatized from one of the hospital stay, she has been very weary of what goes into her mouth since then. It wasn’t easy to add supplements to her diet to boost her body immune system. Doctor has even advised us not to bring her to crowded places, and family members who are sick to stay away from her. Yes, her immune system was that bad.

Before I was introduced to Essential Oils, Hazel’s health wasn’t good. She vomited almost after every meals. She gets sick and constipated real bad. I still remember we kept on going to the PD or KKH during that period of time.

I have started her on essential oils for almost 13 months. Her immunity gradually gets better over time, she gets more alert and active too. She still gets sick, but only twice over these 13 months, I would say that is a record! I take the credit that I made the effort to oil her day in day out. I take the credit that I am consistent and the effort to oil her at an interval of 20mins when I hear the first sneeze or cough coming from her. I have never slack even when she is well and healthy. And I think my effort did pay off! Even when she was sick, it was manageable with the essential oils, and yes, definitely a paracetemol when the fever hit a high of 39degrees. She will recover in less than a week and I am a happy mom again. Haha.

I applied oils for Hazel in school and public areas. I ever heard comments that “hey what’s that smell?!”, or some negative comments about being crazy to just use essential oils or even drinking them??!! But hey, I don’t really mind because I trust my own eyes and judgement!

People’s comments are just words anyway. 😉 Have faith and go for what you believe in.


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