Hazel’s milestone


Hazel is embarking on a new journey – tasting food other than just milk. You can say I am super super super thrilled and excited about it!

Going market to buy pork with her, boil soup, prepare to cook her porridge, everything is such bliss to me. Although it is an added task and time consuming, as everything needs to be cooked till soft, rice grains needs to be grind, vegetables needs to be chopped till fine pieces and blend before adding into the porridge to cook, I am really happy to be able to cook something for her. Everything needed to be soft because Hazel still don’t know how to bite, and I am still using syringe to feed her. Therapist agreed that it will be better for us to feed her with syringe first, something familiar to her, and let her explore other food taste. This way, it is not so stressful for her. Hopefully in the near future, we can use spoon to feed her!

Her Video Fluoroscopy Swallow Test today was a success. Everything is fine and she is safe to go for Ketogenic diet if we want. This is still not an option for us yet. Not especially when she is starting to explore some other food now.

Pray hard her spasm will be controlled soon. Fingers crossed!


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