Hazel’s small victories


Hazel has made some improvements in her development whereby she finally can use a walker to practice walking in school. Therapist accessed her and said she is stable to start practicing her walking now. She actually can walk quite a few rounds but she kept on whining and throwing temper, when it’s only a short distance she needed to accomplish, she has to make it so miserable and takes a very long time. Mommy me is not going easy on her. She practically screamed the whole school down. No matter what, the distance I fixed for her she has to complete it before I carry her. And most of the time they were just crocodile tears, after I carried her she immediately stopped. Duh.

Her favorite activity now is climbing sofa, and bite/lick the remote control or whatever she finds on the sofa. Funny thing is, she likes the remote control more than other stuff. Have tried putting toys on the sofa but ultimately they are all  being thrown down the sofa and she hang on to the controller. Somehow she knows that we will go to her the minute she is up on the sofa. She will climb on it, whine and start looking around to see anybody going to her rescue. First few times we were pretty scared that she’s gonna fall, so whenever she is up there, we will immediately go and carry her down. Now, we just let her be and she knew it. Less whining and just play on her own on the sofa. She knows how to get down too!!

We are still in the midst of increasing her dosage for Topamax, hopefully can start to wean off Vigabatrin soon as the clock is ticking. She is already on it for half a year, which is not too good for her vision if were to take for long term. But what we hoped for the most is for her spasm to be controlled, and she will be able to achieve more things.

And she is finally putting things in her mouth! I am so thrilled that she is finally exploring things with her mouth. It is really a huge step for us! Really hope that one day she will accept spoon feed.

Can’t wait!!!


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