Stressed out


Just when I thought everything is going well, I am now back to the stressful feeding period, which actually is much worse now.

Hazel is aware and very cautious what goes into her mouth now. As she drinks everything through syringe, she will turn her head left and right afraid that what I am feeding her is medicine. Only when the syringe touch her lips and she briefly smell or tasted that it is milk, she will then allow me to syringe in. But she is very cautious with every syringes of milk! It is taking a long time to feed her now.

I was able to mask the medicine in between the milk last time. If I were to do that now, the rest of the milk she is not going to drink. She will fuss, struggle out of the baby chair, turning her head, hand blocking her mouth or brushing my syringe away. When I am alone, I will finish feeding her the milk first, then hold her chin to syringe in the medicines. She allowed for first few times. Then she started to struggle more whenever I tried to do that. So I change method and hold her head. She allowed for afew times and now she struggle plus scream plus cry. Evening time, hubb is around to help me with the medicine. But it has comes to a point where 2 of us could not make her swallow her medicine. We managed to hold her down and syringe in, but she refused to swallow. She will cry and let everything flow out. Her screams sounds like we are trying to cut her limbs off. -.-“‘

It is especially stressful during the morning feed with medicine time. I am alone with no help. I don’t have the strength to hold her down and syringe in the medication. It used to be 4 syringes of medication meaning 4 times of struggling and battling with her, and 4 times to traumatize her. Now I try to mix the tablets together and reduced the syringes to 2. It is still not easy.

I am happy that she is more aware now and getting “clever” in a way. On the other hand, I am getting so stressed up that I think I’ve aged another 10 years. Sigh.


3 thoughts on “Stressed out

  1. Like all children and adults who still struggle with taking medicine, it is because through their experiences of taking medicine, they have learnt
    1. Medicine is AWFUl – because it invokes gastrointestinal reflux (aka puking/vomitting and this experience itself is very awful not to mention how bitter medicine taste).
    2. Human beings learn to associate things – the smell of the medicine means another awful experience.
    3. Taking medicine means I am weak.
    All these are going through children when they take medicine.

    The next time Hazel is going to take medicine, you may consider
    1. Giving her a reward at the end of the medicine taking (the reward must be something really strong, and only you can give it to her. depends on what she likes. it could be a kiss/a hug or anything that she loves a lot).
    2. Varies the environment/scent in the environment. We cannot change the timing of the medicine but we can varies the setting of the environment (with music or scent candles). The key is vary the environment. It works.
    3. Communicate to her that taking medicine will make her strong. Strong like Dora the explorer? Strong like mickey and minnie who goes around exploring? Think of what stories link with her.

    Basically, medicine feeding is NOT EASY. Children learnt from experience that medicine taking makes them feel awful. Habitually, over time, it will be an uphill battle to feed children medicine. So key is to VARIETY. Vary the setting and experience.

    Hope the next time will be better. Keep us updated. We are here for you and we are all learning together too!

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