Finally back


It has been rather crazy these weeks with us busy moving house and settling in our new home. Everyday is cleaning bit by bit of here and there, going to my sis’s house to pack some stuff and shift bit by bit. I seriously have a lot of stuff! Which probably most of them are rubbish and hubb wants me to throw them all away! I think it is a good time to do some spring cleaning of all my rubbish that was accumulated for the past 30 years. Heh.

Hazel went for her eye check up at kkh last week and was referred to eye centre to do an eye test. Hopefully all will be okay. She still isn’t paying much attention to objects around her, sometimes only look at them for half a minute and she will turn away. She is crawling more now. Usually she will crawl towards me wanting me to carry her, or she will crawl towards the sofa and stand up by supporting on it. Her feet position is still not good, and I am thinking to get her a new pair of splints. Kinda heartache as it is not cheap, but it is for her good. I don’t have a choice I guess.

At school, she is still crying whenever it is time to ask her to do some activities. The teachers said her awareness is so high that sometimes she can even force herself to sleep just so she can avoid the activities! That I’ve definitely realized as her behavior in school and at home is totally different.

Her new medication Topamax has reached 2 tabs a day now. We are still seeing signs of spasm, though the frequency reduced, we are disappointed that it cannot fully control the spasm. It is also making her more sleepy, as she now sleeps more and longer during her naps.

As for me, I am going to get some sleep for now. Seriously need it.


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