I have been suffering with acne problem for many many years since secondary school days. My hormones are a wreck. Whenever that time of the month is near, my face will always pop out BIG and awfully painful pimples that will take weeks to subside, and months for the scars to heal.

I have tried various skin care products, and been to the doctors and even get injection on the zit simply because it was just too painful. I have tried almost all I can within my means, but this problem doesn’t gets any better, and even till now, I am still having pimples. It’s really bothering me, and am jealous when I see my girlfriends’ flawless face.

Last month, I started using Artistry skincare product. It comes in a set, with a cleanser, toner and lotion. The first time I started using it, I am prepared for the worst. First thing is, my skin is uber sensitive to any facial products except those products prescribed by doctor. I will always get pimples popped out when I try new products. Secondly, the Artistry skincare set smells too good. To me, something with fragrance is a big NO to me. Little did I know that, Artistry uses all natural ingredients, and that beautiful smell is just a floral smell!

I am quite satisfied with the set I am using now, because it really keeps my skin moisturized, not too oily and not too dry. And the thing I am most happy with is that it is not causing any big honking zit on my face!


Other than using Artistry products, I also have started using Progessence Plus Serum. Because of the hormones and stress, I believe this is what has been causing me to have outbreaks especially when the menses is near. Progessence Plus Serum can help to balance hormones levels! Just right for me!


Apart from the above daily regime, the pimples still did not let go of me so easily. BUT at least this month only ONE popped out during menstrual period instead of the usual 2-3 BIG pimples. When I saw and feel the pain of the pimple, I applied Helichrysum essential oil on it. This is another natural therapeutic oil from Young Living, and man, does it works! I applied once at night before I go to sleep, the next morning the pain reduced by 80%! It wasn’t as painful and swollen, and I can hardly see any pimple there! Unless I touch it and can feel a small bump, other than that, there is no redness or whatsoever. I continue to apply 3-4 times for the day, and the next day it was gone! No scar, no squeezing, nothing. How much money would I have saved if I had known this oil earlier? My face would not have so many scars too!


I have no idea how much toxic I have been applying on my face for the past donkey years, not to mention the injection the doctor gave me on the pimples. I have no idea what’s in it, all I wanted back then was to get rid of the pimples asap in the fastest way. But now, using natural products and I can have equally good results, I am feeling on top of the world! 😀

No more doctor visits and trying brands and brands of facial products searching for the right one for myself.

I have found my face saver which probably will help me save more money in the future.


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