Mini Updates


She loves her purifier. ;P

I have seen Hazel made some improvements these days which I am not really sure was it my imagination. Is she really able to do that or am I just simply assuming that was what she meant??

Few days ago, she wet her bed in the middle of the night. I was woken up by a squeeze on my arm. When I opened my eyes, Hazel was just right beside me. I felt the mattress was wet when I tried to put her back to sleep. She just quietly sit there waiting for me to dry up the place and settle her back to bed. Unlike her usual self, she usually will cry or make noise when she woke up. I have no idea how she moved to my side and squeezed my arm without making any noise.

Now whenever I opened the door, she will say something that sounds so similar to “Gai Gai” (meaning going out). Of course in my heart, I really hope she does know what she is saying. Sometimes looking at hubb, she will just say “Da-di” so loud. Hubb always beamed from ear to ear whenever he hears her saying that. 🙂 Recently she made new sounds like “ma-ma” or “mum mum”. Well at least she is starting to mouth words starting with “M”.

Hazel has started to hold on to support and stand up on her own. She will hold on to the sofa and stand up, but always ended up crying as she is stuck there. She doesn’t know how to move around by supporting onto the sofa. So when she gets tired, she don’t really dare to let go of her hand, and she started crying and feeling helpless. She will also now hold on to the purifier in the room and stand up (above pic). And yesterday at restaurant she also hold on to the back of the sofa seat and stood up. Both me and hubb were really really happy to see her progression.

School wise, not much improvements. She has been crying and screaming whenever the teacher wanted to do activity with her. Like painting, do some exercises, holding her hands to clap while singing songs or sensory play, she simply just refused to do any of them. Keep looking at me and wanting me to carry her. Once out of the classroom, her mood totally changed. She started to smile and babbles so happily. Oh my gosh.

We went for follow up last Wednesday, and Doctor was telling us more on Ketogenic Diet. After hearing, seriously I hope Hazel will not have to go through that. Even though the medications are harmful, but Ketogenic Diet sounds more stressed and traumatic on Hazel. And plus her feeding problem, it may not work as well. AND IT IS NOT CHEAP. One tin of Ketocal is like $115? Which for Hazel, can only last 2-3 days? We can’t afford that too. We won’t totally put that off, but praying hard we won’t go down that road.



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