Hazel officially starts school

Today is Hazel’s first day of school. Mommy me was having butterflies in my stomach early morning, because it is somehow my first school day with Hazel!

Early morning I started to plan her feeding time, packed the diaper bag, double and doubled checked, prepared her milk feed in advance, going through the essential oils I’m gonna bring with me, and after all these were done, I finally get to settle down a bit, and wait for the time to leave home.

Hazel fell asleep halfway through the journey, and was still sleeping when class started. I had to disturb her to wake her up. Lucky thing was there was no spasm after she woke up. So we joined the other 3 children on the mat and sing songs. Hazel was kinda confused to the unfamiliar voices and environment around her. I told her this will be her classroom in future, and she just looked at me, giving me the “50% understand, 50% don’t understand” look.

There was hydro therapy today but I was not informed, so I didn’t prepare swim wear for her and myself. Such a pity we missed it! It is a good thing to know that they have this therapy every week and was planned into the time table as one of the activities. So much things to look forward to!

The teachers are very nice, patience and helpful. The social worker and staff are nice as well. Am really happy on our first day at school.

Hazel didn’t really gave me a hard time today, though she kept wanting me to carry her. I guess I need to give her more time to adapt to school.

Hoping my application for the school bus can quickly be approved!





5 thoughts on “Hazel officially starts school

  1. Hi Dowin,

    I read your blog and I must say, indeed you have the loveliest baby of the world and you and your hubby are very strong support for Hazel. Keep it up, you are doing great!!
    I am a special needs teacher and have come across my fair share of brain development stuffs. Of one particular incident, a stroke patient was half-paralysed. But she did not give up. She slowly started on BrainGym, and a year later, she functions just like any normal elderly. What I want to say is, you may want to look into BrainGym. The BrainGym instructor guidebook was brought from UK and patented (so don’t look at those BrainGym books in the library; they aren’t the real authentic stuffs totally) and bit by bit, day by day, her brain was activated and she regain full function of her brain and mobility.

    Dowin, you are a very persistent and patient mummy who gives her best. I personally saw the effects of BrainGym on this patient and I must say it works wonder for all, be it young or old.

    Do try it!

    Cheers! All the best! Keep persevering! You are a great mummy blessed with a beautiful child and a supportive hubby and a calling in life that is nobler than any other work/occupations!

    1. Hi Joy,

      Thank you for the advise! I am interested in the BrainGym, would you be able to email me and let me know more about it? Thanks!

  2. Hi Dowin

    I tried to get you a copy of the instructor’s manual for BrainGym but my colleagues lost the last copy available. However, don’t worry as you can purchase it from UK as what my senior colleague did then. http://www.braingym.org.uk/index.htm

    There are many pseudokinds of BrainGym exercises out there, but the real one is from UK. It essentially helps to activates different parts of the brain through simple exercises done regularly with faith. I personally witnessed the strengths of BrainGym. I would recommend that you check it out thoroughly – what BrainGym is about, what it is not, check with the AWWA if they have any one who knows it – to get a clearer view of what it is. A pity I lost my copy, else I really would share with you! It’s a treasure for children’s brain development.

    Hope you will find BrainGym an associate in your journey with Hazel. All the best!

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