Hazel is 2 years old

Photo 8-8-13 10 45 47 PM

I am still pretty amazed that how time passes so fast. Hazel is already 2 years old!

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the duties of a mom, and it strikes me again and again that, hey I’m actually a mom already?!

While some of you are enjoying your motherhood. I can’t really say I am enjoying mine as the stress I faced everyday is beyond words, and I cannot describe what went through this 2 years for us. But Hazel did bring me to anther world of emotions that are fully controlled by her. Her laughter can bring me smile the whole day. Her tears can tear apart my heart so easily. So ironic that I am controlled by a 2 years old! That is being a mom I suppose. 🙂

Hazel is embarking on a new phase of her life next week, which is going to school! I am so excited for her!

Last year, I remembered she spent her birthday in the hospital. This year I was prepared for the worst. Things might have been going on smoothly where the neurologist just increased her medicine dosage and has no intentions of admitting her in during the last review, I never let my hope gets high. I cannot face another disappointment again. Better be prepared!

Well, God is kind to us again, Hazel spent her birthday at home with us today. I couldn’t be more happy and really thankful. We did a mini celebration with her at our new home, and it marks down a wonderful end for today.

I am contented.

To my dearest daughter, Hazel

I wish you health, and a life full of happiness and laughter.
Be strong as we are all fighting this battle with you. Always remember, you are never alone.
We are here supporting you.
You can do it!
Daddy & Mommy loves you with all our heart.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Lots of hugs & kisses,
Daddy & Mommy


Bought a red velvet cupcake at Twelve Cupcakes! Mini cake for a mini celebration!


Her unglam shot…….


Better picture… 😀


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