August – Celebration Month

Hazel began her August with a series of celebration. First up was a birthday celebration with the Punggol Mommies on 02 August. Our kids all belong to August month babies, so we decided to celebrate together. Many many efforts from the mommies  and it was a very successful party! Kids and adults had fun. Surprisingly, Hazel was in a very good mood too! Despite the kids were screaming and laughing away, she was not disturbed by the noises at all. She kept looking around, and looked back at us and talked to us in her baby language. It would be great to have her running around playing balloons with the other kiddos. Something to look forward to, maybe next year. 🙂







My amazing punggol mommies group and their super adorable kids!

Next up was the birthday held at our new home on 03 August. Hubb had a really tiring week cleaning up the house for the party. And on that day itself, he went to self collect the cake, the balloons and the food. Super Dad award goes to him!

It was a small party, with my group of  buddies. It was great to have them celebrating Hazel’s 2nd birthday! Hazel was kinda stressed out that day. She doesn’t like adult voices all around her. Now I realized that she is more tolerant to kids voices than adult ones!

Not to forget my dear friend Yanling, baked 50 muffins for this party! And I ordered 4 shepherd’s pies from her and they were all gone in less than 30 mins. I even have to hide the black pepper flavored pie, saving it for my sis. 😀
No chance of taking pictures of them because the moment they arrived, the buddies were all hovering around the muffins and pies. I am not exaggerating at all, trust me.
Drop me an email if you are keen to order from her for your party!


Really nice red velvet cake from Happy Cake Studio


Totally in love with these balloons from Freesia Birthday Services.


Don’t have a decent picture with us all looking at the camera, but this candid one looks good too!


My lovely dollies!

The following day on 04 August was another birthday celebration with my mil. Just a simple dinner, durian feast and a cake.
Third celebration for Hazel!!


So, we have not planned anything for her on the actual day. We shall see how it goes.

This post is definitely photos overloaded!


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