Some mid month updates

Current Status for Hazel:
1. On Keppra, Vigabatrin, Clobazam
2. Taking chinese powder twice a day
3. Still oiling up on her more than 6 times a day
4. Spasm everyday, bad days can go up to 3 times a day
5. Spasm no longer in short clusters. Went back to the 5-8 mins cluster span

After writing out, I realized she didn’t make much improvements, despite taking 3 medications now. In fact, I find it got worse??

We got really depressed when we think she went into a seizure yesterday, it really scare us both. Hubby was quick enough to want to capture it in a video, where my first reaction was to carry and calm her down. Not really sure was that a seizure, but it definitely isn’t something normal. Sigh… When will all these be over?

Quite worried about her health now. It is really no joke to be on 3 medication all at once. Her hands and legs turns purplish easily nowadays. After swimming, her palms went all pale and turned purple. It was so cold. Last time before she started on Vigabatrin and Clobazam, she was still okay. I take all these as signs and will alert the neuro the next time we see him which I hope can be asap after sending him the video clip of Hazel today.


Off to the market we go!

I find this picture really funny. It seems like Hazel is able to walk with hubby just holding one of her hand, but she can’t actually. Hubby was telling her, “baby, dun drop your basket ok? We are going market.” Hazel just kept staring at her basket and later on dropped it and cried. So amusing. 😀


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