Lazy mom wannabe updating

Photo 14-6-13 10 46 00 PM

Hazel has been on Vigabatrin coming to almost a month. She is currently on maximum dosage at 3 tablets but still, spasm could not be fully controlled. Doctor suggested to step up another half a tablet and see how. 2 days and she still has spasm. Not sure what is the next step but hubb and I are thinking of alternatives.

1. Go back to Mount E and consult the specialist again.
2. Go to see chinese physician
3. I have started her with new oils and making it an everyday regime.
4. Give her Lingzhi

I have been applying so many oils on Hazel daily.
First package: Cedarwood, Copaiba, Sacred Frankincense, Ruta Vala & Lavender all applying on the soft spot behind her neck 4 times daily.
Second package: Raindrop Therapy once a day.
Third package (which is the go gai gai package): Valor, Thieves, Frankincense, Purification (very high alert of dengue these days). I practically rub her arms and legs with Purification though I don’t find that it smells nice.

Trying to get her start up with Ningxia Red and OmegaGize everyday, but this is the toughest. She is very alert to what is coming towards her mouth as we always try and trick her by syringing in the meds in between her milk or towards the end. Now when she is about full, she tries her best to avoid the syringe as she knows its about time the awful stuff are going into her mouth. I have no chance to trick her at all. She is a smart girl! I’m happy yet anxious at the same time. No choice but to try everyday. We have to force feed her the meds now, cuz she’s getting smarter.

She tends to nap longer these days. Awake for less than 2 hours and she wants to nap. She used to powernap, never more than half an hour and she’s up for a good 3-4 hours. But now she naps for almost 2 hours each time and can naps up to 3 times in a day, and sleep around 10pm at night. Don’t know what is wrong with her body clock and body system.

Hardly gets to make her do activities as she’s very clingy to me. Always wanted to be carried. Are the meds making her more irritable?

Brought her to swim today and she tried to stand in the tub! That is a very big step for me and her! I am so excited about it! The lady in charge told me to bring Hazel for swimming more often. For her to practice standing in the water can builds up her courage. She is slow but getting there! No more lazing mommy!!

Photo 24-5-13 4 44 10 PM

I was sick afew weeks ago. Down with a sore throat and flu. Not very serious but lasted for a week. I have an army of oils which are prepared for all these little flu bugs, but how come I can still be sick for a week? I have only used a few drops of Thieves, few drops of RC and few drops of Peppermint for 2 days. Definitely not enough for an adult who is sick.
I find it a waste to use on me as they are all meant for Hazel. The oils are all very precious as they are costly.
Funny thing I realized was, in the past when I am falling sick, always started with a bad sore throat, next up is flu, then phlegmy cough and then fever. This time round I have no phlegmy cough and no fever. The sickness was so mild though I was very tired. I guess somehow when applying oils on Hazel, some of it went into my body system as well! Very worth the money! ;P



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