It gets me wonder at times that, how fragile are the special kids? They are facing conditions that they are not able to control. When will parents know the condition will worsen or gets better?

A friend of mine lost her dear daughter, who was also a special needs kid. This friend, though I am not very close with her, gave her everything to her girl. She looked after her alone, no helper, and minimal encouragements from family. No matter how tough the situation was or how hard it was to take care of a child who was not so mobile, she loved her wholeheartedly. What is the pain she is going through now? I can’t imagine.

When I heard about this news, I felt so upset and looked at Hazel. Life is kind to me. At least Hazel is with me now. God didn’t choose to take her away from me 2 years ago. I may not know how many more days/months/years we have together, I will treasure and appreciate everyday spent with her.


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