A little backgorund of Me, Hazel & Young Living Essential Oils

I am pretty much into the essential oils these days, whereby every single condition I encounter, the first thing I think about will be the oils. If my nephew has ugly mosquito bites, I apply oil for him. Sis having neck pain, I apply oil for her. If I heard any of my friends’ kids down with cough and flu, I wish I can pass them some oils to use too. Mom having migraine, I told her to use the oils. I even intend to save up some money to buy the oils for my dad’s high blood pressure! The Essential oils are that useful!

I first came across this was from a mommy friend’s post saying that her child was down with very bad cough and has seen doctors a few times. After applying the essential oil on his feet, his cough cleared up in 5 days. Hazel was in quite a bad shape during that time. Her body immune system has been very weak ever since she started on the steriods. When we started to wean her off, her appetite started to drop. Eventually we reached the point where we totally weaned her off the steriods, and at the same time, she totally rejected any food/milk intake! She was hospitalized for a drip due to dehydration as she was only drinking 200ml of milk a day. After discharged, her appetite made not much improvements, least was she can drink about 400ml a day. Then she fell ill. Down with sore throat which leads to cough and flu. Again, she rejected the milk again, and even feeding her medicine was a challenge as she is prone to vomiting after crying which usually happens if we force feed her. I was at a total lost. She’s not taking her meds, which means she won’t recover from her flu, which means she will not be drinking for the next how many days? Are we gonna send her to hospital again? It was a really stressful period and I suddenly thought of what I had read from my friend’s post in facebook.

I messaged her regarding the oils she was talking about, hoping I can buy them asap. The oils she’s using was not able to purchase them off shelves. My heart sank. That is the only option I had because the oils are just to apply on the feet and no oral intake, which means it will be so much easier to do on Hazel! My friend told me to contact another friend as she got her oils from her.  I immediately messaged her asking about it and telling her about Hazel’s condition. She, without much delay, came over to my place that very night. She showed me which oils to use for Hazel and gave me some to use first. I applied on Hazel every half an hour and she recovered in less than a week and her appetite improved once her sore throat was cleared. I am so thankful to my friend and the oils!

I never knew how much the effects are as I just keep applying and applying. Until there’s one occasion where my nephew was terribly sick and had to stay at home for a week. He has a very phelmy cough and running a high fever. I was quite worried for Hazel because her immune system was weak, and if she catch the virus (which is not tough as we are all living under the same roof), her milk intake will drop again! So I started to apply the oils for her every half an hour again, giving her the maximum protection as best as I can. And it really works! Hazel only caught a slight cough but it cleared up in about 3 days. Not much issue and I didn’t bring her to see any doc. My sis also commented that Hazel’s immune system was quite good! Considering how sick her boy was.

I have been using them for a few months, and I really love them. I would rather depend on them than medication. I apply on Hazel everyday, even though she’s not sick. It’s a form of protection for her. I apply on her feet before and after nap, before going out and after come home, and raindrop therapy before sleep time or after bath. That will be my daily routine for her. The oils she’s using now will be: Valor, Thieves, Peace & Calming, Lavender, R.C. Brain Power will only be applied once a day behind her neck. I diffuse Lavender in the room during night time as well, for a better sleep. I do see changes in Hazel ever since I started her on the oils. She has become more active, more smiley, happier mood and so playful, given that she is still having spasm daily.

I use them on myself too! If I think a sore throat is coming, I take a drop of THIEVES. It will clear up the next day. Backache? I applied Valor. On and off there is this splitting headache, I apply peppermint. I apply Valor as a perfume too, so when I carry Hazel, she can smell it. 😛

There are so many uses for just one particular oil. It’s quite a pity that I don’t have much time to go for their trainings as I really want to learn more on their uses. I’m so thirsty for the knowledge! Few of my friends started using and they love it too!

Some people are more skeptical as this is a MLM product. My hubby was one of them. He refused to let me join as a member during my first purchase. To me, what matters most are the products, not whether is this a MLM thingy or not. I went ahead to buy and apply on Hazel. Not sure is it the results shown on Hazel, he is also applying the oils on Hazel when I’m not around. 🙂 He never comment anything or says any bad remarks about the oils now. He even paid for the monthly purchases of the oils. And now when I told him I want to go for a training at 7pm and he has to look after Hazel, he asks me to go ahead! I’m so looking forward to that training!!

Natural therapy is still the best.

This is such a naggy and long post. Before I go, here is a little something to share with all my readers.



3 thoughts on “A little backgorund of Me, Hazel & Young Living Essential Oils

  1. Hi Dowin, would like to know more about the oils.

    Can you share more info with me via email?


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