Another Year Older, And None Wiser

Happy Birthday to me! It’s that time of the year where the age plus 1. I had the day quite well spent, as most of the time we are out and not just lazing at home.


Early morning we went to AWWA for a school tour. I quite like the school facilities and how the daily activities were planned and I can already foresee how much Hazel can learn after attending the school. However, it’s quite a long wait as we are still under the waiting list and it could go up to a wait of 6-9 months. Really wish Hazel can attend the school soonest!

In the afternoon, we went for tiles and toilet accessories selection. Limited choices but we are glad that the accessories are all FOC. 😀
Everything are slowly falling into place, renovation works officially starts on coming Monday. I’m already loving my new place just by looking at the 3D drawings!! Hopefully we can hold Hazel’s mini birthday party there!

I have been trying very hard to take a decent picture with Hazel lately, but it’s kinda tough. First of all, she don’t know where is the camera. Secondly, her visual is not so good, so when the person holding the camera keeps calling her and trying to distract her, she has no reactions. It is really difficult to take a good picture with her smiling. But since today is my birthday, I insisted to get a good picture! Mission failed!


I couldn’t get enough of the rainbow cake I had yesterday, so I decided to get one whole cake as my birthday cake today! Of course, this is under Hubby’s tab. Hehehe. Hubby, sis and bil tried and all said it’s good! It is really very yummy! If interested, do drop by Little House of Dreams! They serve really nice cupcakes and drinks, and a nice place to have an afternoon tea with your friends!

Photo 4-4-13 8 14 00 PM

Photo 4-4-13 8 37 44 PM

Photo 4-4-13 8 42 16 PM

Well, a pity we didn’t take a family photo, and I didn’t get a chance to take a photo with hubby too. I realized Hazel is the center of my everything! Hahaha.

A simple wish made this year: Healthy.
May my family members be healthy and happy. May the special needs children be healthy and strong. May the parents of all these children be healthy and happy.
Most importantly, I wish for Hazel to be healthy and happy everyday.

Health is wealth, isn’t it? 🙂

I love how my facebook wall and whatsapp are flooded with birthday wishes and blessings from my friends. I was sharing this happiness with hubby and he said I’m crazy. To me, every wishes made me feel so blessed. And I feel that the blessings are all for Hazel as well! With each and every blessing, Hazel will slowly recover!

And I’m a happy mommy having spent another birthday with my special little one. Muacks!
And today is the day I need to tell my Mom “I Love You”. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Another Year Older, And None Wiser

  1. Hi, Hazel’s mummy, a happy belated birthday to you. I was looking through Pine garden’s cakes images online as I loved the designs even though my little child only barely 3months old. Happened to open up your photo into your blog and saw beautiful Hazel so I read on. Thank you for bearing your heart and sharing what happened to create awareness.

    Very touched by you, a Mother’s faithfulness and love for her child, and want to tell you that you are a very brave and outstanding mother. Keep up the great job you doing and be happy always!

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