This past week, we have finally made decisions on some of the pending issues; Hazel’s school and our new flat ID. We finally decided on this ID and the package they are offering. So probably we will get to move in to our new house in September? Wanted to hold Hazel’s mini birthday celebration there with some close friends, but guess we cannot make it in time. Sigh… And hub was telling me we don’t have extra money to book chalet for her as we have used up all our savings for our renovation! haha! We will just have to think out of the box for ideas. Small celebration & cost savings.

We decided to put Hazel in this school AWWA. Mainly because it will be the nearest to our home and will be easier for me to send her to and fro. Hazel is still under the waiting list, so not sure when can she officially go school. Quite excited and scared at the same time!

Her appetite dropped again yesterday. Last fed was at 5pm and she refused to drink anymore milk at night. I hope she hasn’t caught the flu bug from my nephew.


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