My Dear Girl


Despite still having her spasm quite regularly (almost daily), she has managed to learn some new stuff on her own. From sitting to lying on tummy, from lying on tummy to sitting, and finally able to hold 1 toy on each hand at the same time.

Initially, she was not able to get the idea of holding 1 toy on each hand. She can only hold 1 toy and play with it with both hands. Whenever we hand her another toy, she will automatically drop the other one. Recently, she is able to hold 2 toys on her own!

Photo 22-2-13 11 58 34 AM

There was one day, while I was typing away in the computer and Hazel was sitting on the mattress behind me playing with her taggy, I turned around and found that she was lying on her tummy. I was wondering, did I leave her sitting or lying down? My memory has turned so bad??? Few days later, I saw that she actually knew how to change the position from sitting to tummy! I was so surprised and real happy that she finally figured it out herself.

And few days ago, she sat up on her own! It was a one time thingy which happened in the morning, and for the rest of the day, she tried many many times but failed. Yesterday, after much practices and failed attempts, she finally master it! I am so so so so so HAPPY!!!! Last night, she did it soooooooo many times and even pass her bedtime, she was still sitting up. Hub was telling me, she is trying to show off to him that she now knows how to sit up on her own until she don’t wanna sleep. Hilarious. But I know he is very proud of her. 🙂

This will also means that it will be no longer safe to put her alone in the room on the mattress. Sometimes she is on the edge of the mattress and she will lose balance. Good thing was we were there to support her. But if she is alone, she might fall on to the floor, or knocked against the wall if she looses balance. And now I have to carry her whenever I go.

She has so many surprises in store for us that I was always caught off guard. Surprise after surprise that makes my day so bright. She is telling me, ‘Hey mommy, I might be slower but I did it!’
I have forgotten about the stress and expectations I had for her. Letting her grow at her own pace, learning new things along the way, a little guidance from us, she showed us that she is capable to learn them all. Though we still have many pending issues and worries for her, we hold on to these little successes and happiness so preciously in order for us to have the courage to move on, and look forward to the day she will be just like any other child, going to a normal school, playing with kids of her own age.

And guess what she is trying today? She is lifting up her buttock when she is sitting, trying to stand! 😀

Ain’t I proud of my baby girl? 🙂

*Check out the video of her sitting up in my facebook as I’m unable to upload the file here*


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