Photo 8-2-13 11 20 54 AM

Finally the social worker has helped us filled up the form and will submit for us, and all we  have to do is to research around for the EIPIC schools available and put Hazel on waiting list. We have to search for a normal playgroup to enroll Hazel in as the therapist said that EIPIC and playgroup carried out together, it will helps her. Had another physio today and the therapist said that there is no problem with Hazel’s standing, sitting etc. Her development was simply just being delayed. That was good to know definitely. But the thing is she is having spasm every night now. Something must still be wrong with her brain. Hopefully the next EEG can be carried out smoothly.

We can see Hazel is making improvements day by day. She does not resist when we try to wipe her hands with wet cloth. It used to be a very big struggle with her. She is okay when we put the jacket hood on her head and sunglass on her face. Last time, she will go crazy whenever we put anything on her head and face! The “Brushing” technique is really helpful! She refuse to hold anything that is cold or hot. Earlier on, I took out a packet of Milo and put in her hands. To my surprise, she is okay with it!!

Photo 20-2-13 8 41 53 PM


And guess what hubby bought me today!!!

Photo 20-2-13 5 43 47 PM

My first ever owned branded bag.

I told hub that I wanted to buy a 2nd hand Gucci Bag I saw at Orchard Central and he said he wants to buy for me. I couldn’t afford a new one so seeing a 2nd hand one selling at less than $400 and quite a suitable size to put Hazel’s stuff, I’m very tempted. After Hazel’s appointment, we went to see together. Though it is cheap, but a few hundred bucks for a bag that is not in a very good condition, I hesitated. Hub saw and told me I should check out the price at the boutique. If it is a few hundred bucks more, he prefers to buy a brand new one. It is more worth it. We headed over to paragon and couldn’t find the same design as the one I saw at Orchard Central. The sales guy showed me a couple similar designs that I was looking for and I picked this. So happy!!!

I guess this gift sums up the Valentine’s Day gift, our 2nd wedding Anniversary gift, my birthday gift, and Christmas gift for 2013. 🙂

Totally worth it.


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