Hub is very sweet. Every year, he will buy me flowers on valentine’s Day. Be it a bouquet or a stalk, I still feel touched. Though I know they are pretty expensive on this particular day. 🙂

This year, our valentine’s Day was hastily celebrated. As I had something on in the evening, hub actually took leave to spend time with us. We had our lunch at Jack’s Place, which wasn’t quite a pleasant one. First thing was, the restaurant was packed. Secondly, Hazel fussed throughout our meal and she refused to drink her milk. Thirdly, services was poor and hub was angry. We basically took turn to gobble down our food so one of us can carry and coax Hazel. It was somewhat disappointing that our V-Day lunch had to end it this way.


I was pretty upset with someone, which I rarely know her and she badmouthed me in front of a guy whom she wanted him to divorce with his wife. She said a lot of stuff about me but the thing that only impact me was she actually blamed me for what had become of Hazel. In her mind, we have 4 months of maternity leave, why will I leave Hazel with a nanny when she is just 2 months old, and now Hazel becomes like that? Probably she should get her facts right before talking without using her brain. I don’t have maternity leave and I found a new job after my confinement so I had to leave Hazel with a nanny when she’s only 2 months old. But why am I trying to clarify things to someone who is evil enough to want to break up someone else s family?

Why am I even in the picture? Why does she needs to go to the extend of saying bad things about me just to get what she wants?

And to think that she actually “mind” about the status I wrote in facebook and deleted me from her friends list. To me, if you are not guilty, you won’t even be bothered and thought the status is actually talking about you. She is just as guilty as charged.

Really, what goes around comes around. Karma is what gets to you at the end of the day.

I sincerely hope that whichever man that crossed paths with her will wake up and move on.


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