Hazel’s 2nd Chinese Lunar New Year


So its the time of the year to go visiting those relatives that we seldom has contacts with. It wasn’t that fun for Hazel, and tiring for us.

Hazel is starting to see and look at the face of whoever carries her. If she isn’t familiar and not comfortable with you, she cries for help. And I will have to spend time coaxing her. Because she is such a cutie pie, everybody wants to carry her. It’s not a bad thing but I was pretty stressed. I won’t want her to get frightened by them and triggers her spasm.

For her, she doesn’t like environment that is too crowded, too dark and too cramp. Too much noises she will fuss too. Which is why after only doing a half day visiting, me and hub both shagged out. It’s not a physical thing, but more to the emotional and stress that drained us out.

I told hub I have separation anxiety. Whenever people carry her and walk away, I get anxious. I need her to be within my vision. But the thing is, we are in the same flat! Probably people only carried her inside the room or kitchen while I’m eating in the living room, I still get very uptight and keep searching for her. Hub shake his head and said next time when she go school, I will go crazy. Haha.



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