Cutie in Da House!

Photo 28-1-13 8 24 39 PM

It’s pretty amazing how obvious the changes are just after a week of doing Raindrop Therapy with her. She is very active. She is in a good mood most of the time in the day. Getting more alert and wanting more attention. She is very playful, giggles and laugh more. She seems to be more aware of what is going on around her. And best part of this therapy is, there is no sign of spasm for a whole week. I can’t be for sure that it is due to that therapy, for her spasm has always been inconsistent. But I want to think it in a positive way. Keeping my fingers crossed.

From fussing abit to now accepting me applying essential oils on her feet everyday. She seems to like it! She will play with her taggy blanket while I apply them on her. Daily regime throughout the day will be afew oils mainly for her immunity, relaxing her body and mind. I apply on her before we head out, when we come home, nap time and bed time. Raindrop therapy will  be after bath.

I love how the room and my hand smells after raindrop therapy. After applying for Hazel, she will just relax on the mattress , roll around and play with her taggy. I think it kind of relaxes both of us.

Time for me to gain more knowledge in this area!

Photo 28-1-13 8 25 04 PM


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