Happy Thoughts


Hazel has her OT & PT rehab today, plus follow up with Neurologist. Spent the whole morning in KKH all the way till 2pm. She’s been fussing alot during the rehab, but the therapist told us that she’s doing very well, with her standing and sitting, and she can kneel! Although she doesn’t like it, at least she is not wobbly. That is good to know.
Good thing from Neuro is that he still doesn’t think Hazel is having spasm. I described the inconsistency of days and times when the spasm hits, he kind of feels that it is something more to do with her behaviour, because once spasm comes, its actually a everyday thing and very consistent, unlike now.

Neuro actually asked whether we have any intentions to send Hazel to school. Of course! Hazel, unlike other kids, her school will be more like teaching her motor skills, standing, walking etc etc. I think it will be very good for her! So looking forward. šŸ™‚

After all the appointments at KKH, I actually brought her to swim. Yes, I’m trying to stretch and test her. I know probably she will be feeling tired, having spent half a day outside. But a dip in the water doesn’t sound that tiring right? So off we go! Timing was perfect because nobody is swimming in the big tub! She has the whole tub to herself! And she actually managed to stay in the water for 35mins today! Oh man. I’m feeling so happy right now just thinking about it. Feeding was good too. No fuss and she drank everything. She managed to finish 190ml of milk + brown rice cereal for dinner earlier on.

I sure hope that everyday will be as good as today. But I never get my hopes high. Everyday is different. Her temperament is different everyday. Her appetite is different everyday too. Which is why I treasure good days, and feel the need to blog about it so I can always read and smile to myself.

She has been smiling alot to herself too. Sometimes looking at me she grins. I wonder what is on her mind? šŸ™‚


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