Good Days

Photo 8-12-12 10 51 20 PM

This morning, I went to the market first thing in the morning without giving Hazel a kiss and a hug after she woke up. Hub was entertaining her and feeding her milk when I left. So I thought, well, just let her concentrate. After I came home, I carried her over from hub so he can go eat his breakfast, Hazel was so happy and she chuckles! She was kicking her legs and laughed so loud! I never expected such reactions from her as I always feel that she doesn’t even know who I am. But she proved me wrong. She did know, and she adores me! Whenever I’m near her, though she doesn’t look straight at my face, she knows I’m there, and she will drop her toy and starts flapping her hands, telling me to carry her. I will sit beside her, call her name, she will look at me and gives me those “melt my heart” smiles.

I guess she is starting to be playful with me. Whenever I carry her, she will give me those “cheeky smile” and then she will laugh when I look at her face. It’s really funny and makes my day!

I find her so responsive today, and I’m really happy.

I’m actually glad that Hazel is a baby that sleeps through the night, that’s if she is eating well during the day. Alot of parents I know wanted their kids to sleep through, and they are envious of me that Hazel’s sleeping time is 8pm-7am everyday. It’s kind of contradicting because I always told them we wished Hazel will wake up during the night and ask for milk. We would be so happy to get up and feed her. Well.. that’s life.

My 2 babies are sleeping soundly beside me. And I’ve been smiling while typing this entry.

Good days are so precious. 🙂


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