The Special Child

Many times I hate to think that Hazel is a child with special needs. Fact is she is still having the spasm, and needs our special care and attention. Anything common for other parents, we have to think so many times. My sis’s family just got back from a holiday and we’ve been talking about going for a trip with our parents plus our family. Just the plane ride itself, I have to consider and reconsider so many times. I’ve been thinking of going for a short trip for the longest time. I can’t really do it because of Hazel. I’m not sure how will it affect her brain pressure or seizures. It’s scary and I don’t wanna risk it.

While we are contemplating about having a second baby, hub is afraid he has to give up half of the love and attention he’s giving to Hazel now to the baby. I guess that’s what every parents feel at a point of time. Every first child in the family is special.

Hazel has been so active these days. She likes to stand rather than sit or lie down at times (with our support). She’s able to use more strength on her legs. But her favourite is still to lie on her mattress with her taggy blanket and pacifier, rolling all over. She is very talkative too! Babbling non stop. It’s kind of funny to look at her though sometimes she can really test my patience! Her sleeping time has gone haywire. Her appetite is good and bad. I have been giving myself and her so much stress on the feeding, that I’m starting to tell myself I have to stop and just go with her flow.

As long as she’s still taking in the milk and water, I shouldn’t put so much stress on  her.



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