I was discussing with hub the other day whether we should consider giving Hazel a sibling. This thought has been hovering over in my head for quite some time. I have phobia, to be honest. Hazel’s condition scared the shit out of me, and taking care of her has taken so much of my time (or majority of the time), I really wonder can we cope with a toddler that needs all our care and attention, plus a baby?

Financially aside, it’s the help that I am concerned. My mom do come over occasionally, but I can’t be expecting her to come over everyday because she is someone that cannot be stressed. In laws, nothing from them. So, what are the takes?

I have a wonderful and amazing sister. Our relationship is very close and this is the reason why I’ve been wanting to give Hazel another sibling (a sister I hope!). I couldn’t bear to think that after we are gone, she is all alone in this world with no family or sibling.
I am such a good example. Whenever I have problems, my sis is always there for me, supporting me, consoling me, advising me. She is not just a sister, but also my best friend. When I have nowhere to turn to, she welcomed me to stay with her. We chatted all night during our schooling days when we shared a room together.

During her toughest time, I walked with her. During my toughest time, she is there for me.

I want Hazel to have this kind of relationship that I have. It’s a treasure.


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