My Little Champ

These few days, Hazel has been joining us for meals in a baby chair. In the past we seldom let her do so because its either we fed her at home already, or she’s sleeping in the stroller, or we simply just let her play in it. But now, we doesn’t want to stress ourselves so much by insisting to feed her first before heading out. So we fed her in a baby chair (yes, using a syringe and many people looking at us), and while we are eating, she will play or eat her fingers in the baby chair still. It’s a small little common thing for most of the parents, but a huge thing for me. Looking at her in the baby chair, shaking her legs and munching her fingers, I felt so happy.
My girl is growing up, just like any other kid.  🙂

I have started her with cereal again, although she do eat a few spoonful, it’s not enough to even consider a meal for her, yet it made me miss one feeding of milk. Now kinda in a dilemma. Should I continue, or just focus on her fluid first? I want her to start eating solids, and eventually I will start to wean off formula milk totally. But looking at it, I’m concerned about her fluid intake.

Today is Day 5 with no spasm! I’m seriously praying hard that it’s totally gone!
After starting her with the vitamins and wolfberry juice, I do see a slight difference in her. One of it is that I find her eye focus are slightly better. She’s more alert too.
However, she’s rejecting milk again today, and vomit this morning. Really don’t know where is wrong with her.


In the baby chair.

She’s starting to play with her legs and pulling her socks off!


2 thoughts on “My Little Champ

  1. Starting small feed with cereal also not bad. U can choose to add some milk powder into it if to want instead of just hot water only. Else u can choose cereal that consist milk. Cereal also has another form of nutrients in it

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