A Start to make things right

Frankly speaking, I’ve been a lousy and lazy mom. I have done nothing to improve Hazel’s health, only feeding her milk and medicine, that’s all. Kinda guilty about it. None of us went to research or find out more about which supplements or vitamins should Hazel be taking. The neurologist did told us before that when Hazel is on steriods, it’s best to keep it clean and not to add anything else to her. Since she’s now off steriods, I think it is a good time to start introducing supplements to her.

It’s a very big challenge as she rejects everything. But somehow in whichever way, we have to get it into her.

We bought this Omega-3 DHA supplement fortified with Calcium and Vitamin C from the pharmacy at KKH. It is actually good for healthy brain and eye function, builds immunity and promotes strong bone development. Well, not bad for a start! When I saw that it has this orange flavour in it, I was thinking, this is gonna be tough! Hazel hates anything that has taste. So for the first try, I dilute it with water, trying my best not to shock her. First 2 days was abit of a struggle, but subsequently, she’s accepting well!

Today started her with this wolfberry juice. Wolfberry is extremely high in antioxidants. This ‘superfood’ also contains vitamin C, many amino acids, fatty acids, B-complex, protein and iron. Because of its antioxidant properties, wolfberry also boosts immune system, keeps our cells healthy, increases energy levels and stamina and can lift one’s mood! This wolfberry juice was recommended by a very nice friend, just the right time as I was looking for wolfberry juice in the market! As usual, I dilute the juice with some water to let Hazel try out. Not much struggle. Great. Shall slowly decrease the water amount. 🙂

I also have been applying Lavender essential oil on her, behind her ears, neck and feet, on a daily basis.

And most importantly, chanting everyday.

I’m not sure is it all these that are slowly showing some effects on her, though I know it’s still too early to say. But her spasm, which strikes every alternate days, now strikes once every 3 days. I really hope it will slowly fade away.

For me, I’m starting to supplement myself too. Right now am taking calcium pills, collagen and wolfberry juice.


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