Fate Sealed

It was another blood test done in KKH today. The neurologist was quite concerned that Hazel’s intake is pretty low and it is not something healthy for a little person. He kept asking us to consider about the feeding tube. Blood test was done to see whether she is dehydrated, and if she is, most likely she will have to be admitted in again.

Result came out and somehow, everything is normal.

The neuro has no  idea how is that possible. Hazel’s daily intake is only 300ml for the past 2 months. To me, it is a miracle proven by the Nichiren Buddhism again. I had secretly chanted in my heart while waiting for the results. Have faith and I got what I wanted.

I havent been practising in this buddhism for quite some time. However, whenever my heart felt uneasy, anxious, or simply when I met with trouble, the first thing that came to my mind is always Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, and this is really the essence.

For Hazel’s condition, hb’s family is beliver of Taoism. So when they suggested us to go “问神”, I still respect it and went ahead. We went to church too. We practically wanted to do everything that can help Hazel. But deep down, I was never comfortable with neither of that, and today I realized, my fate and faith has been sealed with Nichiren Buddhism ever since I was born. No matter how far and how long I took, I will still be walking in a circle and end up with this practice again.

Religion isn’t something that I can go from one to another, only having “half believes”. Religion is something you have absolute faith in it, and practice it whole heartedly. If not, everything will just go into vain.

This is something I took so long to realize till today.

And I’m so glad I finally did.

I am so proud to be a member of Soka Association. 🙂


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