Time Flies

Before I knew it, August is coming to an end. Time flew by way too fast, I can hardly catch a breath and it’s over.

After Hazel was discharged, it is stress for us everyday. Me – always feeding her milk or water every hour. Her – having to be forced to drink when she doesn’t want to drink at all. This cycle has been goin on till today. Everyday I’m looking at the little notebook and calculating how much she has drunk. Below target? Have to make her drink somemore.

Had a follow up with the dietician and she was showing her concerns on Hazel’s fluid intake. I totally know where she is coming from. If Hazel were to continue drinking so little, the possibility of her going in to the hospital is pretty high, and I will have to come home with her on feeding tube, which really is the last thing I want. So I have to be hardworking and work on every single hour with her, and I tried with bottle, spoon the next feed, and syringe the next.

Bringing her out is totally out of the question. Outside, I don’t get to feed her every hour, or able to keep the leftover milk warm so I can try to feed her again half an hr later, or able to use syringe or spoon to feed her. It is more convenient to stay at home.

Never in my life I felt so stressed about bringing her out for shopping. Am I over doing it? I can’t really differentiate now cuz my whole mind is only on how much she is drinking, what can I use to make her drink and what to cook to stimulate her taste bud.

Today, she barely hit 200ml of fluid. I’m really worried.

Firstly, not enough fluid will cause dehydration.

Secondly, her fits might come back.

I really hope this is just a phase and it will be over soon. Seriously exhausting for all of us.


3 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Continue to do whatever you are doing now, although tedious, its definitely the way to go…Try to relax and rest more yourself ya? If you are bored, we can always go over ur house for a visit if it’s convenient ya? just buzz us. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey i have an extra bottle warmer that can keep milk warm on the go.
    hmm, but what bottle are you using? i can pass to you if its compatible! πŸ™‚

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