My warrior turns 1!

Hazel officially turns 1 today. And sadly, she had to spend it in the hospital.

Her first birthday present from the hospital was to be put on drip first thing in the morning. Followed by a swollen hand which has to remove the plug on her hand. And few attempts to try and prick her with the needle, finding her veins to insert the plug again. So all in all, she had blue blacks on both hands and one of her leg. Not to forget a whole day of crying and super traumatized. Poor girl. This is how she spent her birthday.

We managed to ask for 2 hours home leave in the evening, as we already bought a cake for her few days ago. Went back to my parent’s place which is nearer to the hospital, and had a mini celebration there for her.

She is a strong girl and I am proud to be her mommy. Comes what may, we are all here, battling with her.

Happy birthday sweetie! May you be blessed with lots of happiness, laughter, joy, and most importantly, good health.

Love you!


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