Glenn Doman

I attended the course – What to do with your brain injured child – last week. It was a 5 full day course.

This course was first introduced by a friend Felicia, by sending me the poster of it. I did not take much notice and simply forward it to hub. He was very interested and went to find out more information. As a matter of fact, this course is not cheap at all. And when he told me the course fee, I pretty much shut out and knew that I will not be attending such an expensive course! However, hub was determind to send me, the main caregiver, to the course, in hope that we can learn something to help Hazel.

He made the right decision. This is the best course that I have attended.

This course was by The institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, founded by Glenn Doman. He is turning 93 this year. An amazing man I can say. I am truly impressed. The team that flew here from US are really great and nice people too! And that includes his daughter, the director of the Institute Janet Doman. I simply love her speech and lectures. The rest of staff are very helpful too. Really love them.

The course was very intensive and they covered alot of the areas that are important to parents. They attended and answered our questions attentively and patiently, guiding us along in every way they could. I really really learnt alot during that 5 days.

Bought a few books last week too. Can’t wait to start reading them.

And I defintely will start the program with Hazel soon, so she can grow up to be a normal child again.

This team not only gave us knowledge, they gave us parents HOPE.

Our child is not hopeless. And I have faith in her.


Currently reading this book.

The team with Janet Doman beside me. 😀
She has somehow became my idol!

Some of the very nice and fun parent/course mates!
The attendees for this course are parent/parents from different countires.
Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan etc.


One thought on “Glenn Doman

  1. Hang on there mummy! Are u able to find a support group through this team? They would know families who shared the same challenges and you can draw out strength from each other. Relieved to know you now have guidance from professionals. Great effort and good decision by ur hubby. The money is all well spent.

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