Hazel’s 1st Birthday Party

We held Hazel’s 1st birthday party on 29 July, Sunday, at National Service Resort Country Club.

It was a great party! Food was good, cake was pretty, guests were terrific. Except that the weather was too hot and Hazel was kinda cranky as probably she wasn’t used to the noisy environment and so many people surrounding her suddenly. And we didn’t get to take a good family shot with the cake, or rather the whole day as she is not in a good mood. We didn’t get to take pictures with lots of friends too!! Such a pity!

Well, it was our first time organising such a big party. So, alot of things we weren’t prepared for and missed out lots of details. But it sure was fun and tiring!

Next party shall be better!

Here’s some highlights of the party!

Cake with Care Bear topper.
From Pine Garden. Topper from The Kids Party Store.

The emo Birthday Girl. Haha.
Romper specially designed by Aunt Dulce Goh.
Printing done by PrintSpot.

The Goodie Bags.

The amazing Rainbow Arc DIY by hub.

And Us.


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