Gifts or Freebies?

Throughout this eight months, my family has received many prayers, encouragements, support, love, and help from many people.

My family stood by us, friends offering their help in whatever way they can, those kind people that we never met before, and those that are just acquaintances.

We received many gifts for Hazel too. Some of them are mystery sender, not wanting to let me know who they are.

You guys has really been very nice and very kind to us. I never once forget your name at all. Your name are under my “To Thank List”.

However, just to write something about my stand, this blog is not about writing to gain anyone’s pity. Neither am I writing to tempt anyone for freebies or free gifts to Hazel. This is simply just a blog, where I write out my thoughts whenever I couldnt convey my thoughts to anyone face to face. This is a blog where I write to share cute photos of Hazel, a blog where I update Hazel’s progession as there are many friends out there messaging me in facebook wanting to know how is Hazel.

I started receiving gifts for Hazel  back in Christmas 2011. At that time, the friends who sent her presents wanted to cheer her on with small little gifts. I hope whoever sent the presents to her, this will still be the reason, and not because I wrote to “tempt for freebies”.

Much as I appreciate all the gifts to her,  and most of the them are very useful, I still hope that all the friends out there not to send her any more gifts. Please do not spend your hard earned money on us again. 🙂

If anything I wrote in the past causes any misunderstandings, my sincere apologies. Hope after this post, everything will be clearer.

I believe there is no right or wrong to whatever I have written in all my posts, and I have no need for any judgements. Afterall, this is my blog.

: )


4 thoughts on “Gifts or Freebies?

  1. I love people like you, out front and honest. leaving comments with your name written, and not just be an anonymous, leaving a comment with a smiley face. What’s there to hide anyway? haha

  2. Hey, anyone misunderstood you? Seriously, I dun think you are those who will take advantage of people. Dun worry about it. Take care.

  3. Hi Dowin, thr will always be idiots n keyboard warriors out thr. Ignore them n surround yourself w positivity. U do not owe anyone any explanation. U are an amazing mum. Stay strong for Hazel!

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