Busy life??

Gosh. I’m so tied up till I’ve clean forgotten about the blog!

What have I been busy with? Hmm… Been rushing my hair clips orders till late and slept around 2am every night. Woke up early around 7am cuz Hazel is an early bird. Day time was spent doing some house chores, watching TV, online searching for info and hardly get to catch a wink and Hazel is up from her nap. Some days I will be out with a bunch of mummies staying around the same area. They are a really nice group. Real, unpretentious, helpful, and cares for one another. During the Hazel rolls eyes episode, I was really saddened by the whole issue. They were willing to cancel their date and offered to come my house and accompany me. I’m deeply touched.

It is really fun and nice hanging out with them and seriously I’m hooked. Everyday I have the urge to just ask them if they are free to meet up for breakfast or lunch. I’m really lucky to be having them in my life.

As for Hazel, I get to see the neurologist yesterday. They managed to squeeze in an appointment time for me after my numerous calls to the staff nurse and saying how worried I am, and I am prepared to admit Hazel into KKH just so I get to see the neuro ASAP.

After he assessed the video of Hazel rolling her eyes, he doesn’t think that it is seizures. He helped us pushed forward the eye checkup appointment to next week, and an EEG. Hopefully nothing is wrong. If that is so, then I have no idea why is Hazel doing that whenever she wakes from a nap.

Looking back at the pictures, I really miss the way she looked the last time. I miss the healthy her where she doesn’t need to be force fed medicine everyday. It always saddened me alot whenever I look at the photos, and for a period of time, I avoided looking at them.

I have no courage at all.

8 weeks 3 days old. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Busy life??

  1. Hi Dear, i admire your courage. It makes me tear as i read your write up on your blog. It must be v tormenting period at tat time when e incident happen. I pray to Lord that baby Hazel grow up strong and forever love her mommy n daddy 🙂

  2. She will get well soon so hang in there.
    I know it must be really tough on you but you are all that your little girl’s got!
    Jia you! 🙂 I hope she likes the counting animals book we sent her! 🙂

    Lots of good and well wishes from us!

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